The Ontario government is going to run an experiment on toll roads this year on stretch of the QEW between Oakville and Burlington.  The goal as reported by Oliver Moore of the Globe and Mail and of the Toronto Star is to get traffic moving.  These new Hot lanes will bring basic economics to commuting and has been successfully used in other justifications, although the Ontario Minister has few details.  I applaud any goal that get things moving on the 400 series of highways in Ontario.  I first experienced these toll roads in Seattle and was merrily drive along them without understanding the toll system.  Ontario will start with a monthly fee sticker while the more sophisticated 407 ETR uses a transponder.

If successful the implications for development if successful means that people will be able to live outside the core GTA and still commute in a reasonable amount of time to their destination – of course with a price.  In combination with new GO services this may make Hamilton and area attractive for more sophisticated redevelopment.   Land is becoming more expensive and Toll HOV may create develop opportunities in the west end.