With the election of John Tory in Toronto and Bonnie Crombie in Mississauga the two cities have elected pro development and intensification mayors.   With the need to find housing for the influx of people into Toronto John Tory has stated that he is going to move forward with addressing traffic flows which is a good start to improving the navigation of Toronto.  New building construction, road construction, water main replacements, etc. have made Toronto a nightmare to drive in.  With public transit years in the making roads need to move people.  In Mississauga the Mayor Crombie while discussing the Hurontarion light rail also is aware that the road traffic needs to be addressed.  A stat at a recent conference I attended highlighted that in London even with its great transportation system it only move 40% of the commuters.   It will be interesting to see where the money comes from to pay for all of this when no one wishes to raise property taxes.

This is good news for the redevelopment of major streets through Toronto and Mississauga.   With 6 story wood frame construction the viability of sites has improved for urban infill.   It will be a question in Mississauga of how quickly planning wishes to embrace intensification.  I am not sure that Planning has made up their minds which means the investor will need to sell their concept with the usual 2 plus years to get approval.    It is interesting times.