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I spend a considerable amount of my time as a commercial realtor in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) working to understand the investment and development options in the GTA as well as southern Ontario.   I started in real estate a few years ago after deciding that I wanted to get into a more a more tangible business and land, bricks and mortar is most tangible!   Going forward I will share with you market trends, what may impact residential and commercial land values, how politics impacts development and trends that are emerging in this most dynamic market.  Real estate is interesting and depending on your point of view it can be quite profitable but often it is has an emotional component, a passion to design, to build and to use for a business or a home.

I like unique structures and as I travel I will share those with you.   I will share my thoughts going forward and I hope that you find it most helpful.

Hong Kong - Cool!

Hong Kong – Cool!